Sports Medicine Center

Thanks to its partnership with Richard and Susanna Gallant and the Islanders Hockey Club, the Merrimack Athletic Department officially opened the state-of-the-art Sports Medicine and Health Sciences Center in August of 2013.

Serving the needs of Merrimack's fastest-growing and most-popular academic track offered on campus, the brand-new facility caters to Merrimack's student-athletes, undergraduate and graduate students, interns, professors, staff and faculty members and includes advanced equipment, technology and classrooms to enchance not only the treatment of student-athletes, but the learning experience for all involved in the sports medicine, athletic training, physical therapy and health sciences field.

Once housed on the other end of campus, the opening of the Sports Medicine and Health Sciences Center finally localized all of the department's Athletic Training and Sports Medicine staff in the same building as the rest of the department. Along with the new building came new classrooms and equipment, as well as training tables, whirlpools, tubs, rehabilitation equipment, and much, much more.